Weld County

Bar Association​

March 2021

Year 2021

The Weld County Bar association Board is now accepting nominations for the various awards to be given out at the annual meeting in May [21st of May 2021]. The awards to be presented are:  
        The Andrew Borg Award – award honors an attorney for outstanding contributions to the representation and availability of legal services to indigent persons;

        The Frank Henderson Award – this award honors an attorney for a life and practice that displays sterling character and unquestioned integrity, and ongoing dedication to the highest standards of the legal profession;

        The Walker Miller Lifetime Achievement Award – this award honors an attorney for a lifelong dedication to excellence and inspiration to others in the legal profession;
         Also awarded is the Sandy Carr Award selected by Weld County Legal Services – this award recognizes an attorney or non-attorney who works to assist those who cannot afford legal services to make the legal process accessible to those without counsel.

        Nominations for the Bar Association awards can be sent to any member of our board prior to the annual meeting, [please get nominations to the board at least 10 days before the annual meeting - NLT 11 May 2021]. Any nominations for the Sandy Carr Award should be directed to Weld County Legal Services, [Vicki Taylor].