Weld County

Bar Association​

June 2017

Thank you to everyone that made it to our Annual Dinner (Lunch) on June 2, 2017. The food was great and Justice Hobbs and Professor Welsh were amazing. I know I learned a lot about Weld County’s impact on water law and water’s impact on our local community and culture. A big congratulations to our award winners this year: Judge Warren Troy Hause, Dallas Greenfield, Jody Pic, and Robert Miller.

Judge Hause received the Frank Henderson Award which is presented to a Weld County Bar Association member in recognition of a life and practice that displays sterling character and unquestioned integrity, and ongoing dedication to the highest standards of the legal profession. We had many deserving nominees but Judge Hause was honored for his neutrality and calmness that helps ease litigant’s anxiety when going through some of the hardest times in their lives. Judge Hause was also honored for his commitment to helping younger attorneys.

Dallas Greenfield, Esq. received the Andrew Borg Award which is presented to a Weld County Bar Association member in recognition of outstanding contributions to the representation and availability of legal services to indigent persons. There were many deserving nominees but Mr. Greenfield was honored for his willingness to take cases pro bono and freely giving advice to those in need. One of our members told a story where Mr. Greenfield was leaving court after his case was called, saw that a pro se party in another case needed help, and jumped in. I doubt he remembers, but many years ago, Mr. Greenfield did the same for an aspiring attorney and his advice changed my life.

Jody Pic received the Sandy Carr Award which is presented to a non-lawyer working to assist those who cannot afford legal services and striving to make the legal process accessible to those without counsel. Weld County Legal Services chose Mrs. Pic, and I think we all know why. Mrs. Pic worked tirelessly for years with Weld County Legal Services until her departure in 2016. Over that time, Mrs. Pic worked with attorneys to provide pro bono legal services and community out-reach programs. Mrs. Pic was instrumental in creating and coordinating ask-a-lawyer events, community out-reach events including events in family and immigration law, and enlisting attorneys to participate in these events including Project Connect by Weld County United Way. I think we can all agree that without Mrs. Pic, hundreds would have gone without representation, and thousands without any legal services.

Robert Miller, Esq. received the Walker David Miller Award which is presented to a Weld County Bar Association member for a lifelong dedication to excellence in the practice and administration of law, and for serving as a shining example and inspiration to others in the legal profession. There were many deserving nominees. Mr. Miller’s practice spanned more than 50 years and he holds the unique distinction of being Weld County’s first fulltime district attorney. After serving as our first fulltime district attorney, Mr. Miller was a U.S. Attorney for the District of Colorado. I think Joe Moylan from the Greeley Tribune put it best when he said Mr. Miller “has touched in one way or another nearly every single landmark criminal case that has occurred in Colorado,” including the Columbine Shooting and Aurora Theatre Shooting.

This will be my final President’s Message. Amy Penfold, Esq. was elected our next President at our Annual Dinner. Shannon O’Keefe was elected our President-Elect as well. I have no doubt that we are in good hands. I will be staying with the Weld County Bar Association as Past-President.

As I transition to Past-President, I wanted to tell all of you that it has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your President. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting many new and current members. I am most proud of our focus on making our Bar Association one of the best in the State. I know other Bar Associations marvel at our lunchtime CLE program, our Nuts and Bolts Conference, and our commitment to community outreach. No one person could do all of this, so I would like to thank our Board for their time, effort, and commitment to the Weld County Bar Association.

Lee J. Morehead
President – Weld County Bar Association, Inc.

President's Message