Thoughts from the Board

Weld County

Bar Association​

May 2023

The annual Bar Association dinner was held on April 27, 2023 at the Moxi in Greeley. It was great to be able to hold the event in person and see a lot of familiar faces.

This year, we honored Mike Lazar and Bruce Barker for their lifelong dedication to the legal profession and the Weld County community. Our keynote speaker was Judge Mariana Vilema who grew up in Weld County. Judge Vielma shared her truly inspiring personal story and reminded us how important diversity, inclusion and equity are.

As we head into the summer and a lot of us will be able to take vacations, travel and explore the world, let’s try to find time to give back to the Weld County Community. Together, let’s work to ensure that every participant in the legal system has the opportunity to be seen, heard and valued. I challenge you to volunteer at one or more of the Weld County Legal Services and take at least one pro bono case. Sign up here for Ask An Attorney clinics.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           --- Milena L. Rodionov, Esq