Weld County

Bar Association​

UNC Mentor Program

The University of Northern Colorado, in cooperation with the 19th Judicial District and the Weld County Bar Association, has created a mentor program for UNC students who wish to focus on a pre-law educational track or are otherwise interested in pursuing a career in law. 

The program has two aspects:

The first is primarily for students with a general interest in law and/or law school.
     Students involved in this part of the program will be notified of lectures, social events, and other group activities that are designed to provide information about law school and legal careers in general.

The second is for students with more focused interest in law as a career.
     Students in this part of the program must have completed at least 45 credit hours and will be matched with a local judge or attorney who has volunteered to serve as a mentor to UNC pre-law students. That mentor will not take the place of the student's academic advisor, but will instead provide information and advice about law school and being a lawyer.

Attorneys and judges who are interested in mentoring students in either of these programs should contact Professor Hodapp at paul.hodapp@unco.edu or mail to Professor Hodapp at Mckee 321, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO 80639.